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The Merch Life

i write words, not melodies


Alex Fucking Smith

Twitter/Instagram: @Im_Alex_Smith

Yo! I'm Alex Fucking Smith, founder and operator of The Merch Life. I'm just your average jackass who loves to write, and create. 

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If you're here to check out some games, do that.

If you're here to tell me I suck, too late my mom beat you to it.

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Past projects, (including my short film) can be found on my personal website: AlexFuckingSmith.Com


Connor Skelly

Connor is The Merch Life's most handsomest person. 

Connor handles the business side of things making sure Alex doesn't spend all his money on stupid things like condoms with his name on it. 

Connor likes stuff. You know, the kinda stuff that makes him relatable to regular non-beautiful people. 

If you need to contact The Merch Life, this is the man to contact at his very professional email: MGMT@TheMerch.Life

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