The Merch Life

i write words, not melodies

Cameron Gile, Pizza Farmer


Quick Facts:

Vegas Based

Is pretty tall

Loves pizza

Can guitar tech

Also sells merch



My name is Cameron. A lot of people look at me and go “Hey, you’re a cool dude. Would you like to take pictures of my band and sell our merch for a reasonable amount of compensation?” And I always respond “Yeah, sure.”

I’m easy going with touring experience, as well as having smoked from an Olive Garden bread stick.

When you’re here, you’re family.

-Cameron “The Annihilator” Gile

Doll Skin Print

I am the greatest photog in the world so obviously you want this print

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Another Doll Skin Print

Here’s where we talk about how awesome you are as a photgrapher and shit

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Hire Cameron For Your Show!

I’ll come to your show and take pictures of your band!

Guest list preferred but not necessary. Ample heads up needed please!

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