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Rob McKenney, Failed Astronaut


Quick Facts:

Virginia Based

50 years experience

Loves pizza

Can be paid in waffles

Skilled with nun-chucks



My name is Rob and I'm a photographer from Manassas, VA. After spending years experimenting and shooting everything from landscapes to products, I found that my biggest inspirations in photography came from working closely with people, as well as capturing the energy of concerts and live events.

For me, photography is all about finding a story in the moment and encapsulating it in a set of images so that people may have an everlasting record of the things that are most near and dear to their hearts.

If you want me to help you capture moments like these of your own, to have and to cherish forever, click the contact button below so we can tell your story -

One frame at a time.

Broadside Show 11x17 Print

Taken at the Richmond show at whatever venue on 11/28/18

I am the greatest photog in the world so obviously you want this print

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Another Broadside Print

Here’s where we talk about how awesome you are as a photgrapher and shit

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Hire Me For Your Show!

I’ll come to your show and take pictures of your band!

Guest list preferred but not necessary. Ample heads up needed please!

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